Renewable Energy for Everyone

Water Pumping with Renewable Energy

PV and windmill pumping systems
Water for irrigation, livestock and domestic use is heavy and difficult to move, but renewable energy can be an excellent way to do it.

In this one-day course, participants will learn the various types of solar and wind powered water-pumping systems. Participants will learn to determine the preferred application for each type of system. This course will also cover the technical side including: pump types, solar and wind electrical inputs, and energy storage. The course will describe how the variables of water volume and pumping height determine the capacity and energy demands for moving water.

  • This 4-hour "classroom" course is designed for anyone interested in installing a water pumping system powered by renewable energy: Farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, and anyone who wants to move off the grid (or already has).
  • This class is Registered by NABCEP for Continuing Education and you are eligible for NABCEP CEU credits for completing it:
    • NEC 0/6
    • PV INSTALLATION JTA: 2.25/6 or Elective 4/6
    • PV TECH SALES JTA: .75/12 or Elective 4/6
    • SH INSTALLER JTA: Primary Reference 1/12 or Elective 4/6
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