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Wind Turbine Design and Construction -- Homebrew Wind Power

Wind is the most difficult renewable resource to harvest, because it changes wildly and unpredictably compared to more steady solar, hydro and biofuel energy sources. This also makes wind power an excellent teaching tool. While this course is open to the general public, a large number of past students are professional educators who wished to start a wind power curriculum at their high school, vo-tech school or community college. The course is also attractive to educators because it is multi-disciplinary, involving math, physics, electrical theory, woodworking, metalworking, welding, and more.

For renewable energy professionals, wind power systems are very rare compared to PV, and few installers get much chance for hands-on experience. This class gives hands-on training in not only wind power system installation, towers, balance of system, troubleshooting and maintenance, but also into how wind turbines are designed and built. Students learn the principles of wind turbine design, plus safe and sturdy construction techniques, and are thus better able to evaluate, compare and select commercial wind turbines for possible installations for their clients.

  • The 2-day version of this class is usually presented at renewable energy fairs.
  • The 3-4 day versions of this class are most suitable for educators who wish to start a hands-on wind power curriculum at their university, community college, or vocational-technical school.
  • The full 5-6 day version of this class is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning all the ins and outs of wind power in an intensive hands-on environment.
  • Depending on class length, size and facility used, we build from 1 to 3 wind turbines in 6 days. These turbines are sometimes available for purchase by students after the workshop, for the cost of materials.
  • This class is not registered with NABCEP for continuing education CEUs, however a certificate from Buckville Energy will be issued upon successful completion. Please see our Accreditation Page or contact us for more information.
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