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Off-Grid Power Systems for Remote Locations

While hands-on training opportunities abound in the field of renewable energy systems, very few include training for dealing with extremely remote, off-grid installations. In addition, as the PV industry has shifted focus to urban grid-tie systems, many experienced PV installers in urban areas now have never worked with a battery-based system. This course gives an excellent, basic foundation for safe and sound design of off-grid systems, with a focus on the most remote and difficult locations.

  • The 8-hour "classroom" version of this course is suitable for anyone considering building or moving into an off-grid home. It is also highly recommended for professional PV installers in urban and suburban areas who need to gain experience in grid-tied battery-backup and completely off-grid systems.
  • The 2-day version of this class is intended for those people very serious about moving off the grid, and for professional RE system installers who need to gain knowledge in off-grid systems. The class includes a full day in the classroom, then a full day "field trip" to visit, tour and discuss an actual off-grid system installation.
  • The 3-day hands-on version of this course includes the full day of classroom time, then 2 days of hands-on experience in installing, expanding, or maintaining an actual off-grid system. The actual agenda will vary depending on what work is planned at the site.
  • The intensive, 40-hour hands-on version of this course is intended for renewable energy professionals who wish to expand their business opportunities into the most remote areas of the world--remote villages for aid work, hunting and fishing lodges, mountaintop repeater stations, and offshore oil platforms. Helicopter, small boat and float plane travel may be required for the class, and good physical condition is essential.
  • The 8-hour version of this class is Registered by NABCEP for Continuing Education and you are eligible for NABCEP CEU credits for completing it:
    • NEC: 0/6
    • PV INSTALLATION JTA: 6/6 or Elective 6/6
    • PV TECH SALES JTA: 6/12 or Elective 6/6
    • SH INSTALLER JTA: Primary Reference 0/12 or Elective 6/6

    Please see our Accreditation Page or contact us for more information.

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